Trinity Lutheran, Lancaster, PA

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Fri Jul 19 19:08:52 BST 2002

The details of chimes that contain steel bells are:

Belmont Lancs England St Peter 6 10-1-17 G SD 673 158 Steel Bells -

Each bell has an internal clapper and there is no keyboard or 
Ellacombe -
just two lines of three ropes hanging down, so it is possible for one 
person to chime one or two bells. Hung in two rows of three on large 
timber beams at 45 degrees to the vertical! (DLC)

Bicknor Kent England St James 4 2cwt F# TQ 861 589 1345 of a 5, steel
bells -

they still have their original fittings, including iron chiming 
stocks and small iron wheels. All Naylor Vickers, 1862, swinging 

Gate Burton Lincs England St Helen 6 5cwt ?

3 largest are steel bells hung for ringing. Three largest bells by 
Naylor Vickers & Co. 3 smallest 1919 J Taylor. Ellacombe

Glasgow Strathclyde Scotland Trinity Church (Congregational) 6 
12cwt ? NS
591 655 Steel Bells

Other chimes, such as Ingleton and Sheffield Museum were once rings, 
as technically is Cambridge, New Zealand

None of these contain 8 bells, so Trinity Church may well have a 
unique feature!


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