Three Bell Towers in Lincolnshire

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Does the attached help?

Alvingham left with the brick tower

You will find a drawing in Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders by David Vale
which has been reproduced on the Churches page of my web site (address
below) I have also put links to two sites containing photographs of
Lincolnshire churches.

>From John Ketteringham of Lincoln England

web site :

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I have been reviewing the Lincolnshire three bell towers added to TowerBase
by John Cater.

Does anyone know for certain which way round Alvingham and North
Cockerington churches are within the one churchyard?

OS "old maps" web site shows Alvingham church nearest to North Cockerington
and vice versa. However, I am not prepared to accept this without further
supporting evidence.

By the way, is this the only case of two rings of bells in the same
churchyard (except Rugby)? I expect that I have overlooked an obvious one.


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