uknown founders mark

robert_de7 robert_de7 at y...
Sat Mar 9 09:27:09 GMT 2002

In the past I have come across different founders being called 
founder by name but not taken any notes. I think in the Church bells 
of Lincolnshire book it gave a possible name for a william founder.
The bell in question could not have been made by Austin Bracker as at 
the start of him founding there is a entry in the inventory of church 
bells that there was three in the tower. (papers supplied by Taylors)
So it looks like it was made in the 1400s.
The chevron and laver pots was also a mark of the brazier company in 
medieval times.
Can any one also tell me if William Dawe was just founding in London 
or did he travel to the churches.

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