[Bell Historians] David Potter's latest project

P. W. Gay p.w.gay at e...
Sun Mar 24 18:52:26 GMT 2002

I was interested to read that David Potter is planning to take a mobile
chime to country house weddings.
When we were planning the Lichfield Diocesan Mobile Belfry we made enquiries
about the possibility of doing this, and discovered (from the superintendent
registrar for Staffordshire) that it is not allowed. Weddings which take
place other than in churches are not allowed to make use of any of the
trappings of a church wedding - no bells, no organ music.
The mobile belfry has been used for several weddings at churches with no
bells, or bells which are out of action. This included a wedding at
Whitchurch, Shropshire last August, and there was some speculation about
which tower suffered more movement when the bells were rung.

Phil Gay

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