[Bell Historians] In Defence Of Dove

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Sat Mar 30 09:30:51 GMT 2002

Nick Bowden writes:
>>Many people seem to have forgotten (or
never noticed) that the 8th edition has typing errors on almost every page.

Agreed the 8th edition contained a number of typos but small details which
could be worked with. Possibly forgotten is the conflation (at least we all
learnt a new word) of the counties in the 9th edition. Fewer errors but of
a greater magnitude!

>>Several of the questions raised are actually answered in the preface to
9th edition...

There was so much lost and so little gained. Answering questions in a
preface is not the same as addressing the issues raised!

I read through the back of the 2nd edition last night and was enlightened by
the information contained therein - will the same be true for the 9th
edition in 2050?
The 9th edition was a poor publication which has undoubtedly lost sales as a
result - many of my ringing friends prefer to use the 8th edition and keep
the 9th as a reference for the odd recent change - no one recommends the
Yes please let us have chimes back - mode of operation would be an extra -
something which is an enhancement of the previous editions!
What about anticlockwise rings - where is the heaviest/lightest most bells
The 2nd edition had 17 pages of appendices, the 8th had 27 and the 9th just
14 - that's progress for you.

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