[Bell Historians] Re: Mears and Stainbank

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Mon May 13 12:39:44 BST 2002

Mike Chester Wrote:

> Chew are not a bad ring by any means, but not nearly as good as 
> Chewton.

Let's be honest, not many eights are as good as Chewton!

Stephen Ivin wrote:

> Can't remember much about the sound of Chew Magna, but I seem to
> remember that there are convincing signs (bolt holes, etc) in the grillage of
> the back six to indicate that the frame was originally meant to have Nos. 3 to
> 6 swinging at right-angles to the tenors, whereas the current setup has
> all six swinging the same way. I think the trebles are above, but cannot
> remember which way they swing. Anyone have more details?

I THINK I've got some photos at home - will look. I remember that 3&4
have early cumbersome fabricated steel canon retaining headstocks, and
one of them (4 I think) is or was chronically odd struck. I thought at
least one of them was above, but could be wrong. I also seem to recall
that the treble had been skirted, but I'm not absolutely sure about
this. I'll have to check withe the photos, if I can find them.


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