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> Can't remember much about the sound of Chew Magna, but I seem to remember
> that there are convincing signs (bolt holes, etc) in the grillage of the 
> back
> six to indicate that the frame was originally meant to have Nos. 3 to 6
> swinging at right-angles to the tenors, whereas the current setup has all
> six swinging the same way. I think the trebles are above, but cannot 
> remember
> which way they swing. Anyone have more details?

There is a tale to this!

When the bells were augmented in the 1920's - 3-6 were hung to swing 
North/South. Soon after the dedication - one of the belfry walls collapsed 
down to the ringing chamber ceiling level - I remember Cecil Mogford telling 
us the story in the Pub one evening (waving arms everywhere & loud banging on 
the table with raucous laughter) as he was one of the band ringing at the 
time. The North wall (I think) was rebuilt and the whole tower strengthened 
and 3-6 turned round to swing East/West.

I have a photo of the bells leaving thge village for London - Ill look it up 
when I get a chance.

I think they are a grand ring of 8 but I think Long Ashton are better. 
Chewton take the buscuit every time in my book but then - they have the 
perfect tower to go with them.



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