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> I have been following the correspondence re Dove with interest and 
can I
> just say I agree entirely with Mike Chester. We should be 
grateful that
> Dove is continuing as a guide for ringers in general. Of course 
> compilers should listen and take note of suggestions for 
improvements but so
> far as I am aware this is a voluntary task and we should be careful 
to make
> suggestions in a constructive way and not as criticism.
> From : John Ketteringham of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England

Dove is a saleable product,and as such has to make enough money to 
cover all production costs,etc. and if the next edition was to make a 
financial loss,would that be the end of the road for Doves guide?
We the customers should have had some input as to what changes were 
made and as far as I am aware, there has been nothing in the Ringing 
World about the subject of"What changes and improvements should be 
made to Doves guide?".
I know a few ringers that have said they will not buy the next 
edition of Dove,and to be honest,the loss of a sale of a few copies 
is nothing to worry about.
There has been a fair amount of criticism about the latest edition 
of Dove,when a lot of it could have been prevented-by simply asking 
customers what they want.

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