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Tue Oct 29 15:00:39 GMT 2002

They're ina Blackbourn of Salisbury frame, of 1891 I think, with the
treble above the 2nd. If I recall correctly, the headstocks are
Whitechapel's mark II pattern - when did these come in?

It seems surprising that there is an exact weight for the tenor but not
the 9th, particularly as the back two at St Paul's, cast in the following
year, were only weighed to the nearest half a hundredweight. Unless, of
course, the exact weight was measured by Blackbourn or Whitechapel.


On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, andrewmbull wrote:

> Presumably the canons were removed from the two trebles when they 
> were fitted with iron headstocks, so the exact weights for these no 
> longer obtain.
> As to the 56-1-14 for the tenor, I have long since suspected that 
> this is Taylors "guestimate" from 1877. Chris Pickford did try to 
> check this out, but Taylors records for the period are in too much of 
> a muddle. Whitechapel told me that they rehung the tenor "between the 
> wars", but did not say whether they actually had it in the foundry 
> and weighed it. Whitechapel said that the bells had never been tuned.
> Anyone have any more details on the tenor weight ?
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