[Bell Historians] Heaviest bell normally rung without a box

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Wed Sep 4 12:33:26 BST 2002

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> From: "Michael Wilby" <michael_wilby at y...>
> > Where is the heaviest bell in a ring that is normally
> > rung without a box?
> The Great Bell of TIng is, but that isn't in a ring. Aren't some/all 
of the
> back bells at Manchester Town Hall rung from the floor because the 
> is very low?
> David

The last time I rang a peal at the Town Hall ISTR Jeff Brannan was 
definitely standing on a big box - however I don't think I was on the 
On the whole a pretty scary last 90 minutes what with the 
drunk security guard and the anticipated arrival of vicious police 

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