Chiming Profiles

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Fri Sep 6 14:29:04 BST 2002

I know I'va asked this one before, but quite a number of people have joined
the list since then so I think it's worth asking again.

Does anybody know when Taylor's developed their 'chiming profile', whereby
the front bells of a chime are lighter than those in a ring? It would appear
that they were differentiating between ringing and chiming profiles as early
as 1897, as the chiming bells at Christ Church Todmorden were different fron
the ringing bells in that they were cast to a longer pfofile. However, their
weights were those of ringing-scale bells.

It was at some point subsequently that they developed the lighter profile,
presumably by looking at continental installations, and began to cast
lighter front ends of chimes, although the shapes of the bells were the same
as those used for ringing bells. Does anybody know exactly when this chiming
scale first appeared, and where?


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