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A rather vague contribution but since the original question was based aroun=
d the words "when" and "where" I would suggest:

The earliest Taylor carillon was The Bell Foundry Carillon (40 bells) origi=
nally put up in 1904. Between then and its removal in 1939 it underwent ma=
ny physical changes, but the great and the good of the carillon world inclu=
ding Jef Denyn himself played it and spoke highly of it. It was of course =
true-harmonic and indicates a period when the special properties of the tre=
ble bells of chimes and carillons were being investigated.

Re: early rings. St Lawrence Ipswich has a pre-reformation five; three of =
them by Basyers of Norwich (i.e.1424-1513), one by William Chamberlain of L=
ondon c1440 and one other 15th-century bell which my memory just won't plac=
e - rush to your Ravens and you'll find out !

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