Rings of 12-keynotes

jim phillips jim at p...
Mon Sep 9 17:51:40 BST 2002

DJB wrote:-

>as has already been discussed here, the
>difference between C# and Db is meaningless as
>far as bells are concerned, and there doesn't seem any point in
>perpetuating it. Although Canterbury may usually be described as C#, there
>is really no reason why whey shouldn't be described as Db.

On what do you base this assumption? There is a distinct difference in the
sound produced by a pre-war Dflat bell or even a post-war Dflat bell
(Cripplegate) and a 'modern' bell tuned to Csharp. The finest Dflat bell I
know is the tenor of Truro Cathedral - go and listen to it outside of the
Cathedral. There is complex tuning involved in a bell and I prefer a bell
tuned to Dflat rather than the 'nasal twang' of a modern Csharp.

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