[Bell Historians] Rings of 12-keynotes

DJ Bryant djb122 at y...
Mon Sep 9 22:09:31 BST 2002

> On what do you base this assumption? There is a distinct difference in the
> sound produced by a pre-war Dflat bell or even a post-war Dflat bell
> (Cripplegate) and a 'modern' bell tuned to Csharp. The finest Dflat bell I
> know is the tenor of Truro Cathedral - go and listen to it outside of the
> Cathedral. There is complex tuning involved in a bell and I prefer a bell
> tuned to Dflat rather than the 'nasal twang' of a modern Csharp.

This debate isn't about whether pre- or post war bells are better, and
trying to use that in the argument is irrelevant.

Taunton (a mixture of old junk) are usually described as C#, so using this
description isn't a modern phenomenon. Look at the list by weight on the
rings of 12 site - there is no correlation between the date of a ring of
bells and whether the key is given as C# or Db. I stand by the point
that, as far as bells are concerned, the difference between the two is
meaningless and, as Bill has pointed out, when writing a comparative list
it is better to use either one or the other (and I don't much care which)
for the sake of clarity. I'm also giving the frequency in Hz for those who
prefer it.


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