C# or not C#!

Mike Chester mike at m...
Tue Sep 10 08:36:20 BST 2002

Would it be useful to suggest that bells said to be C#/Db are 
virtually always neither C# or Db in terms of, say, checking the note 
of the bell against and accurately tuned musical instrument? As 
shown in the list they are sharp or flat of the given note.

Could we not have an agreement about the 12 bells list that says a 
bell that is, for example, up to a given limit either side of the 
absolute pitch of the note D is notated as D and then say that within 
the next given number of cents flat of this is Db, a further given 
amount flat of this is C# and a final amount flat of this becomes C 

I leave it to the more expert amongst you to debate the actual number 
of cents involved!


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