[Bell Historians] C# or not C#!

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Tue Sep 10 09:21:03 BST 2002

Nicely put, Mike; we're back to the extensive discussion of many months
ago. To make an exact analogy with light, it's like when we describe
things as `red' or `blue'; these colour labels alone, as with notes
denoted by
letters alone, only give us an idea of a range of possible colours. Only a
frequency (or further a spectrum if we're interested in higher harmonics)
can specify exactly a note/colour, as that is indeed how pitch and colour
are defined.

On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Mike Chester wrote:

> Would it be useful to suggest that bells said to be C#/Db are
> virtually always neither C# or Db in terms of, say, checking the note
> of the bell against and accurately tuned musical instrument?  As
> shown in the list they are sharp or flat of the given note.
> Could we not have an agreement about the 12 bells list that says a
> bell that is, for example, up to a given limit either side of the
> absolute pitch of the note D is notated as D and then say that within
> the next given number of cents flat of this is Db, a further given
> amount flat of this is C# and a final amount flat of this becomes C
> natural?
> I leave it to the more expert amongst you to debate the actual number
> of cents involved!
> Mike
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