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John makes a fair point. In assisting with the latest version of "Dove" I =
took some trouble to try and unpick the x-x-0 weights to distinguish betwee=
n approximate and exact, but "before I got there" quite a lot of them had a=
ll been treated in the same way (can't remember now whether it was as estim=
ates or exact).

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>> I don't know about that, but someone told me some years ago that the=20
>> tenor at Helmsley came out at exactly 15cwt after tuning. Someone at=20
>> Taylors thought that nobody would take this at face value and it=20
>> would ever more be thought to be an estimate. Therefore it is listed=
>> as 14-3-27. Probably an urban myth, but why let the truth get in the=
>> way of a good story!

Something that I have always wondered about is that shouldn't this occour
once every 28 bells on average? How many bells that come out at an exact
quarter of a hundredweight are now listed as approximate!


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