bell foundries.

robert_de7 robert_de7 at y...
Mon Sep 16 18:34:29 BST 2002

I have just returned from holiday in France. While there we visited 
the Foundry in Villedieu-les-poeles I was suprised to see how small 
it was. A lot smaller than Taylors. They also make a 3 piece mould 
(dummy bell) for the making of the bell were here they use a 2 piece 
I have a leaflet I can scan and send or email a copy of the leaflet 
if any one wants to see it.
We also went to Le Mans Motor Racing circuit and museum. When I 
brought some items, the girl in the shop gave me a booklet about the 
museum and how cars evolved. I did not read it till I got back to the 
cottage about 80 miles away from were we were staying. On the second 
page is a article about Ameddee bollee who invented the front 
suspension for cars and also other parts of cars. Also that the 
family had a bell foundry in Le Mans from the 1500s to the present 
day and the also have a muesum on bells there.
The Bollee family have a web site but it is all in French. I am 
hoping to go back next year and have a look.
Does any one know of any other lesser known founderies any where.

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