Bells with Laver pot and Trefoil shields.

robert_de7 robert_de7 at y...
Mon Sep 16 20:44:36 BST 2002

I am looking in to bells with laver pots and or trefoils on them. I 
have found one bell that has both on it and a cross which is in the 
picture section. I have other bells with laver pots and or trefoils 
on them but but a slightly different cross. The one kindly posted by 
David Bryant. They all seem to have differant types of lettering 
also. I have not yet come across two bells which are identical in 
marks and lettering but not wording. I still have to go and look at 
I am coming to the assumption that the laver pots and trefoils were 
either guild marks or foundry marks rather than the founder him self. 
One discription in church bells by HB Walters says the laver pots 
could be the mark of the potters the early bell founders and the 
trefoils the arms of William underhill. I have been in touch with the 
Underhill name foundation and they have not come across any recorded 
evidence that the trefoils where used before by the underhills before 
about 1475. The first person that used it was John of Ettington born 
1459 died 1518
My ancesters used the trefoils also but I do not yet know when they 
started to use it.Some thing I am still working on.
Does any one know it there was a reason they used crowned capitals.

I am going to look at the bell made by my ancester at Kingston church 
Cambridgeshire soon date to be fixed. I am willing to look at any 
thing if any one is after any information on them while I am there.

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