[Bell Historians] Finding copies of 'rare' books

Robert Lunn robert_de7 at y...
Fri Sep 20 16:33:33 BST 2002

Thanks for that, I will let you know when I recieve

--- Michael A Williams
<michael.williams at q...> wrote: 

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Robert Lunn wrote:<BR>
> If any one does know of any good place to go I
> prepered to travel a resonable distance.<BR>
If you can prove you are doing research (even if it is
only for personal<BR>
interest) then you should be able to gain a reader
ticket for the Bodleian<BR>
Library in Oxford.<BR>
It is a copyright library so it should have a copy of
every book published<BR>
in the UK.<BR>
Michael A. Williams<BR>
michael.williams at q...<BR>


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