Italian Church, Hatton Garden

Mike Chester mike at m...
Tue Sep 24 23:20:17 BST 2002

The church website, see


(16) This was the biggest bell in any Catholic church at the time in 
England. Two metres tall, seven metres across, and weighing three and 
a half tonnes, the bell, made by Vickers in Sheffield, was displayed 
at the International Exhibition of 1862. Until the Bell tower itself 
was completed, several years later, it had to be left outside in 
George Yard, the area opposite the main entrance to the church

(The site does not seem to link well, I got in via a Google search. 
Try changing history5 into 1, 2,3 etc. Deleting the history1.htm tag 
gets you into the church's own, basic site.)

I hardly think that the bell will be 7m across!


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