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> > 3 Did Taylors have a light transportable exibition/demonstration 
> ring 
> > in the middle to late 1800s?
> > 
> I've been told by someone, I cannot remember who, that the bells 
> at Wormhill were originally such a ring. Perhaps someone could 
> confirm this?
> Mike

I had heard such a story years ago-I have asked Barry Pierson
(churchwarden and now a Wormhill ringer) about fifteen years ago and 
he knew nothing of it.
However,the Wormhill bells were apparantly ordered by a vicar who had 
connections with the hamlet of Wormhill,and I think the tenor was 
taken from stock and the rest cast separatly-I think the tenor is a 
year older than the front five-The bells were reasonably thick 
castings and have responded quite well to retuning,and the bells are 
very easy to ring now they have been rehung-a well known Yorkshire 
ringer has stated (within the last Fifteen years) that a ring of six 
should have a tenor of no less than 3cwt-having a ring on Wormhill 
bells blows that theory out of the water.
The late Gordon Halls and everyone else connected with the Wormhill 
rehang have done an excellent job.
The two small bells in the tower previous to the ring of six 
were I believe,scrapped.

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