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I've certainly seen something about Wormhill bells and the foundry, but the=
re's nothing (at a quick look) in Halls / Dawson or in the RW articles of 1=
5 March 1996 and 11 Dec. 1998 on the recent restoration.

It might be worth looking at the Wormhill entry in Llewellin Jewitt's serie=
s on "Church Bells of Derbyshire", but I don't have ready access to a copy

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> > 3 Did Taylors have a light transportable exibition/demonstration=20
> ring=20
> > in the middle to late 1800s?
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> I've been told by someone, I cannot remember who, that the bells=20
> at Wormhill were originally such a ring. Perhaps someone could=20
> confirm this?
> Mike

I had heard such a story years ago-I have asked Barry Pierson
(churchwarden and now a Wormhill ringer) about fifteen years ago and=20
he knew nothing of it.
However,the Wormhill bells were apparantly ordered by a vicar who had=20
connections with the hamlet of Wormhill,and I think the tenor was=20
taken from stock and the rest cast separatly-I think the tenor is a=20
year older than the front five-The bells were reasonably thick=20
castings and have responded quite well to retuning,and the bells are=20
very easy to ring now they have been rehung-a well known Yorkshire=20
ringer has stated (within the last Fifteen years) that a ring of six=20
should have a tenor of no less than 3cwt-having a ring on Wormhill=20
bells blows that theory out of the water.
The late Gordon Halls and everyone else connected with the Wormhill=20
rehang have done an excellent job.
The two small bells in the tower previous to the ring of six=20
were I believe,scrapped.

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