[Bell Historians] Re: St Pater's Italian Church

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sun Sep 29 00:34:55 BST 2002

> I seem to remember seeing somewhere that E+S did a rehang on a
> steel five(Thornborough?) and the bells were painted with rustproof
> paint and fitted with clapper springs and the result there is
> apparantly quite good as well.

yes, it was Thornborough (in Bucks). I'm pretty sure they made no attempt to
tune them, though.

Apparently a group led by David Town have recently been doing some work on
the steel five at Willingham (tenor hung dead). They recently rang a quarter
of minimus on the front four with the tenor chimed behind using the
Ellacombe - much as is done at Liverpool Municipal Offices, I believe.
Apparently they intened to rehang the Willingham tenor for ringing again in
the near future.


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