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> Don't have full details to hand, but I wrote a letter about them in the RW 
> three or four years ago with the information. What I can remember is 
> annotated below. I believe the church is now a house.

Two other lost fives from Somerset are:

Cricket Malherbie Lost in 1994, they were a complete 5 by mears in 1852. The 
tower here is less than 6 feet square and the bells were hung on 2 levels 
(very tucked up - almost continental style) in a diagonal frame lodger in the 
window openings. I doubt they were ever ringable as a full circle ring. These were 
replaced by a single Mears bell ยข1cwt (1872 - I think) and the old five were 
dispersed as follows:

1 Now 1 of 6 at West Cranmore
2 Now 2 of 6 at Aller
3 Now 1 of 6 at Angersleigh
4 Now 2 of 6 at Angersleigh
5 Now 1 of 3 at Hinton Charterhouse (Chiming Only)

the 4th actually replaced a Taylor bell at Angersleigh which was poorly 
suited to the old style back 4. This bell was in turn used to augment the Taylor 5 
at Freshford to a ring of 6.

The three at Aller were augmented with two other bells, one ex Coleford, Som 
and another ex East Cranmore.

All of these transfers were masterminded by Bob Parker of Taunton.

The other lost five is Brewham (Lost in the 1650's?). I am not sure what 
happened here but I gather the story is well documented in the Church. I must call 
by there one day.


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