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Mon Jul 7 21:51:57 BST 2003

Unfortunately I have nothing in the way of constructive information to impart 
on this subject. However, it reminds me of an immaterial "discovery" I 
accidently made recently.

Painted on the plasterwork of the ringing room at Kirkby Lonsdale (and 
doubtless at several other churches), are the salutary `ringers' orders' shown 
below. I have often wondered at the clumsy metre of the poem, which could so 
easily be improved, but when it is printed ‘centred’ on thepage I am stuck by its 
appropriate shape. Is this deliberate? I wonder!

The Ringers Orders 
If to Ring you do come here 
You must ring well with hand & Ear 
Keep stroke & time & go not out 
Or else You forfeit Without doubt 
He that a Bell doth overthrow 
Must pay his Groat before he go 
He that rings with his Hat on 
Must pay his Groat & so begone 
He that rings with spur on heel 
The same penalty he must feel 
If an Oath you chance to swear 
You forfeit Each two Quarts of beer 
These lines are old they are not new 
Therefore the Ringers must have their due 
N.B.Any ringer entering a peal of six pays his shilling.

Malcolm Bland
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