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Due to our recent move back to the Midlands and delays in getting back on-l=
ine, I've missed this until now. I'm here to complete work on Birmingham an=
d Warwickshire bells, and so I'm very grateful fo John and David for drawin=
g my attention to the chime in the Great Western Arcade. I was unaware of i=
t, but I'll explore fully as soon as I can as it needs to be included in th=
e Birmingham book.

I have heard the synthetic chime near Moor Street, but can't add any more t=
o what has been said. Semi-serious question for the list, though - should s=
ynthetic bells be included in county books and surveys? Am inclined to thi=
nk "yes", if only to let people know that they aren't real bells - but one =
wonders how long they'll last. There is one other set in Birmingham - and =
for information on this I'm indebted to DLC.

Chris P
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> Is This the arcade with clock and three bells inside the arcade?
> Does anyone know the weight of The Great Western Arcade bells?-
> if its the place I am thinking of, there were three bells tenor=20
> around 8-10cwt
> Alan

No, somewhere different I'm afraid. The GWA has five bells, largest=20
around the 1cwt mark I'd guess.

I'm no expert on Birmingham, I just happen to work there a couple of=20
days a week. There must be someone on list who knows the city centre=20
bells better than I do - or all they all still celebrating after the=20
12 bell?


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