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Wed Jul 30 17:11:19 BST 2003

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> > Don't think JT ever cast any bells with Doncaster
> > canons!
> Let's set this one straight - there are no such things 
as 'Doncaster
> canons'. A Doncaster Head is a specific type of canon substitute 
invented by
> Lord Grimthorpe and first used at Doncaster, hence the name. A 
> head has four short, thick arms spaced at 90 degrees to one 
> Taylor's, Warner's, and possibly others frequently used angular 
> which I have sometimes seen erroneously desctibed as 'Doncaster 
> They're not!
I too have described "Doncaster heads" as Doncaster canons-and 
a look at several bell related sites also reveal that other people 
interested in bell history, etc have also done the same.
If you were to use the term "Doncaster canons" when talking to a 
ringer round here, they would relate to the fact a bell(or bells)had 
canons/cannon derivatives of a certain type, but if you said a bell 
had a Doncaster head, they would probably not be aware of which part 
of a bell you were talking about.
I would suggest that the term "Doncaster canons" is just as 
popular,if not more so than "Doncaster heads".
At the end of the day, is it such a big deal that people dont use 
the term "Doncaster head"?

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