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Now then boys. Here is a quote:

"First suppose a lump of metal.....cast on the top (of the bell).....with a=
round hole through it for the clapper-bolt.......From this lump there proj=
ect 4, not 6, canons, much thicker than usual.......These four short and th=
ick canons are moreover much stronger and less liable to crack than the usu=
al six thinner and longer ones".=20

The writer was Edmund Beckett Denison, M.A., Q.C. (later the first Lord Gri=
mthorpe). From A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches and Bells, 4th Ed.=
, London 1860. He even put the word canons in italics the first time round=

So there!

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> > Don't think JT ever cast any bells with Doncaster
> > canons!
> Let's set this one straight - there are no such things=20
as 'Doncaster
> canons'. A Doncaster Head is a specific type of canon substitute=20
invented by
> Lord Grimthorpe and first used at Doncaster, hence the name. A=20
> head has four short, thick arms spaced at 90 degrees to one=20
> Taylor's, Warner's, and possibly others frequently used angular=20
> which I have sometimes seen erroneously desctibed as 'Doncaster=20
> They're not!
I too have described "Doncaster heads" as Doncaster canons-and=20
a look at several bell related sites also reveal that other people=20
interested in bell history, etc have also done the same.
If you were to use the term "Doncaster canons" when talking to a=20
ringer round here, they would relate to the fact a bell(or bells)had=20
canons/cannon derivatives of a certain type, but if you said a bell=20
had a Doncaster head, they would probably not be aware of which part=20
of a bell you were talking about.
I would suggest that the term "Doncaster canons" is just as=20
popular,if not more so than "Doncaster heads".
At the end of the day, is it such a big deal that people dont use=20
the term "Doncaster head"?

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