Tillingham, Essex

cj_hustler james.hustler at 1...
Mon Jun 9 14:41:52 BST 2003

Does anyone know of any history and/or tonal analysis done on the 
bells of Tillingham? 

They are usually referred to as a 9cwt minor 6 nominally in Bb but 
everytime I visit and try to work out which is the "wrong" note I 
usually end up picking a different bell and opinions of other ringers 
in the tower are usually divided.

The bells with the exception of the treble, are I presume the work of 
itinerant founders 

1 1889 John Warners & Sons, London 
2 1513-1522 William Culverden 
3 bef.1469 Henry Jordan 
4 1684 John Darbie 
5 1707 Henry Pleasant 
6 1684 John Darbie 

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