[Bell Historians] Clock Chimes - information and requests for details

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Mon Jun 9 15:06:37 BST 2003

Jim H:

>> For nineteen years I lived within the sound of the carillon at Lowe
>> House in St. Helens and the clock chime (Westminster Quarters)at
>> Beacham's Pharmaceutical Works in St. Helens. The Lowe House bells
>> are some of the best heavy Taylor bells that I have heard. The
>> smaller bells are not so good, and at one time there was talk of
>> recasting where necessary. However, I believe that the instrument is
>> almost derelict now. Does anyone have details of the Beacham bells?

The chime at Lowe House was very playable at the Liverpool branch
meeting on 12th June 1999, prior to ringing at the two churches in St.

The chime in the Beachams Building is still working and sounding the hours.
The basement of the tower and the near part of the building is now a
brewery run by the local College (I think?) and I have had a few sessions
in there listening to the bells chiming above.


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