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> It would be a great shame if all decent heavy rings were destroyed by
> ringers wanting something easier to ring. Did you know that there was a
> scheme at York Minster in the 70s to scrap 6, 10, 11, 12 and add three
> trebles and a semitone to what remained to complete a lighter twelve. Just
> shows you what stupid ideas ringers can have. The justification was that
> York would never sustain a band capable of ringing a 59 cwt 12.....
> Why couldn't they rehang the old eight on two tiers lower down? A similar
> scheme to Glastonbury was proposed at Bishops Lydeard, where one suggested
> scheme was to remodel the fine 23 cwt eight using the 12 cwt 6th as tenor.
> Fortunately the local ringers refused to allow this, quite rightly in my
> opinion. I don't believe that wanting a lighter ring because it takes less
> effort to ring them should ever be used as an excuse to ruin a good ring of
> bells.

I agree in principal. I thought the old 8 at Glastonbury were grand, however 
I dont consider the 1993 restoration to be a "total disaster from every point 
of view."

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