Bells of the Royal London Hospital

John Walton je.walton at v...
Sun May 25 11:29:16 BST 2003

DLC wrote:

"There is a bell at what was St Philip's, Stepney and is now The Royal
London Hospital Library, diameter 30", weight 5-1-0 C# cast at Whitechapel
in 1922
Bill Hughes wrote of it "It was a very good bell and quite audible here but
we have not heard it for many a long year. It is tuned to 550 f.p.s. and has
an octave hum. It was considered by Father (AAH) to be the first 'Simpson'
bell we sold". The bell was still there last time I visited, on steel
brackets projecting just beneath the west gable of the very lofty roof."

There is also a large Whitechapel bell in the reception area of the hospital
itself. If I remember correctly it is Lester and Pack, uninscribed except
for date and founder. It is not intended to be rung in its current
location, so does anyone know how and why it comes to be where it is today?

Despite the crumbling surroundings, the hospital has an excellent reputation
in the field of epilepsy and my father (also a ringer) has spent much time
there in recent years as both an in and out patient - I'm sure he'll be very
interested in the answers.


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