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Sun May 25 22:51:04 BST 2003

Chris Dalton:

> Werrington was I think the first ring that
> was heard by Preb. Arthur Simpson (hence the
> letter on the ringing chamber wall).

At the end of his second 'Pall Mall' article, Simpson implied he had 
been researching bell tuning for at least 23 years. It must have been 
very exciting and satisfying for him to at last hear a peal that met 
his ideals. 

The Petham tuning figures (M&S 1923) are most interesting. Not at all 
true-harmonic, despite the claims, but what is interesting is that 
they were making great progress on hums (and have managed to get them 
_too_ flat in the trebles) but had not yet done much with primes.

Bill H

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