[Bell Historians] Warners' tuning machine, 1911 onwards

LOVE, Dickon DrLove at s...
Mon Nov 10 09:38:50 GMT 2003

Jim H:
"I am under the impression that Christ Church Erith is the only ring 
of bells that were 'Simpson' tuned by Warners. I have a date of 1917.
Would be grateful for any correction and details of individual 
Others have tried, unsuccessfully to find such details."

Christ Church, Erith are 1915. I can confirm too that it is Mark Backhouse's
home tower. Details of the weights are rather a moot a point as it is the
only ring of bells in Kent that I don't have the weights for. The tenor is
17-0-23, but the weights of the others seem to have been lost and no-one I
have spoken to has been able to supply them. A very interesting installation
though with a frame consisting solely of A-sides.


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