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Bliss & Sharpe say they were cast in Gloucester by C&G Mears 1845
Bell frame by John Jacques 1845

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> On the B.B.C. West of England T.V. news this morning was this 
statement, or something along these lines -
> "The bells of Coaley, Glos have been refurbished at the cost of 
£50,000. At first the church were going to throw the old bells away, 
until they realised that they were the last set to have been made at 
the Gloucester Carriage and Wagon works".
> Whereas I doubt that the first part of the statement is correct, 
(The 'Throw away' bit) I wonder about the second part? Who did make, 
or cast, the Coaley bells?
> Dennis Powney, in W.W.W.

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