Bell notes.

Samuel M. Austin combineharvestersam at h...
Thu Oct 30 13:42:14 GMT 2003

I have looked with interest on that excel spreadsheet regarding Tenor weight 
vs note. (is that on the nabbers list) apologies if it is and no-one knows 
what I am talking about as usual but..

A lot of the data is probably incorrect as a lot of the rings' notes are 
pre-1939 concert pitch (A=440htz)
Ive said this before but wont it be more sensible so record bell notes to 
A=440 then we'll have reliable data.
I usually take my tuning fork to towers I havnt been to before and record 
the (often different) note in Dove. Ive got perfect pitch but use a tuning 
fork just to make sure.

For example. Runcorn in Cheshire are F in dove but are actually a high E.
There were so many different pitches which people adhered to before the 
standered concert pitch of A=440.
Is this a good idea or I am I talking out of my backside again.

By the way, they're thinking of changing it again to A=442!


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