'Pretty' steel bells (was Layout of information)

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> Or, more generally, 'character' is a good one. I also know a ringer 
> would describe bells as 'pretty', much to the amusement of those in 
> know, who were aware that what he actually meant was 'pretty crap'.

I'm sure that many authors will have committed their thoughts to 
paper on the subject of Naylor Vickers creations. Cocks has this to 
say about Thornborough (5) and Waddesdon (6) in his 1897 Church Bells 
of Buckinghamshire (p264):

"... revolting looking objects - nearly the whole surface of every 
bell scaling off in large, bright red scabs of rust. Let us hope 
that nothing short of the removal of their miserable remains from the 
towers, will check this process of disintegration, and that happy day 
may come when these churches may once more possess sweet-toned bells 
of bell metal."

Just in case he hadn't made himself clear he added this (p592):

"In my humble opinion steel church bells are an abomination that 
ought to be prohibited by Act of Parliament!"

Can't see anyone being prepared to write in such strong terms today, 
but how did other Victorian authors describe Sheffield's finest? 
Have any other founders received such treatment?


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