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Possibly not, but there was a pretty full article (including those quotes) =
entitled "Colonel Tom and his Cast Steel Bells" a couple of years ago in th=
e RW

By yours truly DLC
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> Or, more generally, 'character' is a good one. I also know a ringer=20
> would describe bells as 'pretty', much to the amusement of those in=20
> know, who were aware that what he actually meant was 'pretty crap'.

I'm sure that many authors will have committed their thoughts to=20
paper on the subject of Naylor Vickers creations. Cocks has this to=20
say about Thornborough (5) and Waddesdon (6) in his 1897 Church Bells=20
of Buckinghamshire (p264):

"... revolting looking objects - nearly the whole surface of every=20
bell scaling off in large, bright red scabs of rust. Let us hope=20
that nothing short of the removal of their miserable remains from the=20
towers, will check this process of disintegration, and that happy day=20
may come when these churches may once more possess sweet-toned bells=20
of bell metal."

Just in case he hadn't made himself clear he added this (p592):

"In my humble opinion steel church bells are an abomination that=20
ought to be prohibited by Act of Parliament!"

Can't see anyone being prepared to write in such strong terms today,=20
but how did other Victorian authors describe Sheffield's finest?=20=20
Have any other founders received such treatment?


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