[Bell Historians] Re: Haley Hill

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Thu Apr 1 15:03:54 BST 2004

>> From the date and source one would expect a rather poor sound. Far from it
>> they are really good. [Indeed; and I am proud to have been instrumental in
getting the bells put back in the belfry and rehung for ringing while I was
working for what is now the Churches Conservation Trust. CD]
> Open spire, I imagine. There are other rings which sound excellent where
> from the founder and date you'd not expect it - e.g the excellent ten at St
> Mary's Shrewsbury, back 8 by Pack and Chapman. These have an open spire
> above them. [Yes and no. The Shrewsbury St Mary bells are actually good in
their own right, irrespective of tower/spire acoustics, and benefited from
retuning by Taylors in 1911. C D]

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