jim phillips jim at p...
Wed Apr 28 21:12:35 BST 2004

> Coventry, St Michael. Peal tested May 6th. 1926
> 10th 157 277 341 449 558
> etc
> Over to you Bill.
> DrL

RO wrote
>Look like a fairly bog standard old ten to me! Although the
>fundamentals and fifths of the back bells are far better in tune than
>many I've seen, which must have helped them to be a bit above
>average. Probably another case of the tower offering lots of help!

How do we know these figures are correct? Were they independently checked?
After all Croydon said the Thos. Lester Bow tenor of 1738 was cracked when
it clearly was not. Knowing the late Bert Hughes, who had spent a whole day
going over the 1738 bell with paraffin and chalk, I believe Bert Hughes.

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