Gillett & Johnston archives

LOVE, Dickon at a...
Thu Apr 29 09:56:07 BST 2004

Doubting Thomas (AJP):
> How do we know these figures are correct? Were they independently

Come on Jim - what do you think? Seriously, we can only go on the info
supplied with the source stated. Then you just takes your choice!

I must admit that it was dead easy to get to these archives. I have been
working in Croydon for 4 years now and have only just realised this! I am
seeing the archivist again today to have a look through more. I can see
myself taking advantage of my time here (well Croydon must have its perks I
suppose!) and will pour over more of the archive. I have also been invited
to visit the Gillett & Johnston works too to see their archive.

I gather that Cyril Johnston's granddaughter (from the USA) was over
recently and pretty well photocopied the lot at Croydon library!



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