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Well, there are such things as bar-bells - one, at a place called Allerton-=
Bywater, St Mary the Less (8) was actually listed as such in the older edit=
ions of "Dove". And I believe there was a set at Chigwell in Essex, replace=
d by a Taylor chime a few years back. Never seen them, nor know of what or =
by whom they were made. Any contributions ?

There is / was a set of steel tubular bells "so corroded that it is impossi=
ble to place their notes" at St Mary Magdalene, St Leonard's-on-Sea. Appare=
ntly the work of an amateur. Finnish ?

Given in the current Crockford as the Parish of Christ Church with St Mary =
Magdalene, the latter having a 26 1/4" bell inscribed ALFRED BARRETT FOUNDE=
R BISHOPSGATE 1852 - does it still exist ? GPE pp.176 & 379 knew of no oth=
er bells by Barrett besides this one. Apparently he was a clockmaker. Anyon=
e know any more ?

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Maybe Finnish founders were inspired by the following. Unfortunately ther=
seems to be no further correspondence on the subject.

Anne Willis

THE BUILDER: Saturday October 26th 1844
The Irish Ecclesiastical Journal informs the clergy that they can substit=
cast-steel bars for ordinary church bells with considerable advantage as
regards both tone and cheapness. Any clergyman can procure for 30/- a ba=
of cast steel producing a better tone than the ordinary small church bell=
which cost from =A34 to =A36. Limerick Chronicle
[the charge is similar to that in motion repeating watches.]

November 16th 1844
Sir Having seen in no 90 of THE BUILDER an article quoted from=
the Limerick
Chronicle stating that cast-steel bars may be obtained which will produce=
sound similar to that of small church bells at about one fourth of the
expense, I should feel obliged if you or any of your numerous corresponde=
can inform me, through the medium of your valuable journal, first in what
shape they are made; secondly how they are to be affixed or suspended; ho=
and with what they are to be struck to produce the sound.
Campanologie, Titchmarsh

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