[Bell Historians] Bags of spanners

Nick Rossi nrossi at m...
Tue Aug 3 13:30:36 BST 2004

I must say, it's quite a nice view from the top of the cathedral in
Kuopio. I had a chance to climb up and have a look at the bells and I
have a few pictures at http://nrossi.com/kuopio.htm

The bells have not been tuned and are actually pleasant sounding (unlike
many of the other untuned bells that I heard.) The only tuned bells I
did find in Finland where recent ones which were cast by Eijsbouts.  

The chime at the bottom of that page is outside an Orthodox museum and
they allowed my group a chance to ring them. If you ever go there I
would recommend passing on this opportunity.

In case you're curious about the tour I was on, there is a webpage at


>The next day, I heard the two bells of the cathedral in Kuopio, and I 
>would have to say that your description would fit their sound as 
>well. The interval between them was a vague approximation to a major 
>third. I did find out that these two bells were cast at different 
>times around the middle of the 19th c., which wasn't a particularly 
>good time for bells anywhere in the world.

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