[Bell Historians] St Dunstan's in the East

jimhedgcock jameshedgcock at h...
Sun Aug 8 23:31:12 BST 2004

--- > It includes a couple of accounts of the bells, one by RCO (he 
will forgive me for saying it's a bit OTT) and one by Jim Hedgcock 
(who will not forgive me for observing that he typically dumbs them 
down). Still, we're all entitled to our own opinions, and mine is 
nearer to Richard than to JH, unsuprisingly!
>> DLC 
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> I have to admit that having heard the recordings of St. Dunstan's 
bells that belong to John Pladdys and Michael Uphill, they are better 
than I remember them. I also have to admit that having revisited 
some other towers the bells are better than I remembered them being. 
Of course it has worked 'the other way round' too! 

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