[Bell Historians] St Dunstan's in the East

jimhedgcock jameshedgcock at h...
Sun Aug 8 23:59:03 BST 2004

>) and one by Jim Hedgcock (who will not forgive me for observing 
that he typically dumbs them down).
I think that this statement may be a little on the harsh side. I can 
only remember ever comparing St. Dunstan's bells with Jewry and 
Cripplegate, which I rang on the same day, and they are two excellent 
products from Whitechapel. I made the comparisaon nearly forty years 
ago! I have been to Jewry and Cripplegate again and still think that 
tonally they are two excellent rings of bells. Of course a second 
opinion of St. Dunstan's wasn't possible. But to say that St. 
Dunstan's bells were not as good as these two excellent rings, even 
if I am correct, is hardly dumbing them down.

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