Fw: Sanctus and Angelus bells

David Beacham david1.beacham at v...
Wed Aug 11 14:25:11 BST 2004

> The sounding of a sanctus bell at points during a service of the Mass is
> practised in both Roman Catholic and Anglo-Catholic places of worship, but
> am not sure what is considered to be the correct "form" (i.e. 3x3 or
> whatever) for their usage. Can someone please explain at what points
> the service a sanctus bell should be rung? I should add that I am thinking
> in terms of a tower bell, to be heard outside, and not the various forms
> handbell chimes or gongs that may be sounded inside the church at points
> during the liturgy.
> Similarly for the Angelus. Is it ever rung in Anglo-Catholic churches? If
> so, at what times, and in what manner?
> Final question: are any of these practices "legal" (strictly speaking) in
> of E places of worship?
> DB

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