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At my parish of St Hilda's in Leeds, the 3cwt Taylor
bell is sounded 3 times at the consecration of the
Bread and Wine and for the Angelus at the end of mass.

At St Margarets in Ilkley a bell is sounded not at the
consecration but 9 (3x3) times at the great doxology
and Amen (through him, with him, in him etc)

And by the way Anne Willis, many of us in the Church
of England believe in the sacramental presence of our
Lord in the consecrated bread and wine, and we
certainly do not appreciate ignorant comments like
yours. Far from being in the dark ages, receiving our
Lord in Holy Communion is a very important to us Anglo
Catholics and by receiving him we growth in strength
to go forward.

We don't criticise other branches of religion, please
refrain from criticising ours.


I apologise if I have offended you, though I suspect you may have muddled my
remarks with someone else. I certainly did not mean anything as a criticism.
However the presence of Christ in the consecrated Bread and Wine is not a
belief I share, probably as a result of having been brought up very 'low
church'. I was very glad to find that passage by Aelfric, a very learned
teacher in the Anglo-Saxon church (Swanton, Michael; Anglo-Saxon Prose,
pp149-152). It reflects my beliefs, and I suspect those of a great many
other people. I take communion very much in the spirit of 'take, eat, do
this in remembrance of me'


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