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Re- Item on opening Peal at Romsey in 1791 by The College Youths and their =
second peal of Oxford T.B. Major at Carisbrooke two days later. I followed=
this with a series of questions about the organisation of such event in 17=


Thanks to Anne Willis for useful suggestions and after a day spent in the I=
sle of Wight Record Office with the Newport Youths Peal Books, some answers=
have appeared.

1. The College Youths knew of the 8 bells at Carisbrooke because they had =
opened them as well, on 1st Oct. 1770. The journey took them three days.

2. The Newport Youths were formed on 6th Nov. 1770, just after the opening=
peal above, of Plain Bob Major.

3. The Newport Youths also attended the opening of Romsey bells. They tra=
velled on the only ferry, based in Cowes and sailing to Southampton. Reco=
rds in Winchester Record Office inform me that, until 1820, this service wa=
s operated by "packet, wherry, or hoy". (What is a "hoy" ?)

4. The above arrived in Southampton by 17th July because they recorded a p=
ractice of Tripples at Holyrood Church on this date. This was some time be=
fore any record we possess of change ringing here. The following day they =
arrived at Romsey and scored a 504 of Tripples. We do not know if this was=
before or after The College Youths peal. We do know that they needed an =
eighth ringer, so William Lyford rang the 7 while William Rayner, of the N.=
Ys., conducted.

5. We know that William Lyford rang the second In the peal of 5248 Oxford,=
and then also the second in the 5088 at Carisbrooke two days later. Does =
anyone know any more about him ? Did he have I.O.W. connections ?



Derek Jackson

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