[Bell Historians] Non-standard Tuning

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at f...
Sat Feb 21 09:38:18 GMT 2004

> I resisted the temptation to join in the recent fun with "minor" rings as
I think I am more interested in collecting information (including the
accurate notes of bells), and occasionally trying to interpret same, than
> categorising it for lists and directories such as Dove's guide. But there
> were three 'E's I was surprised not to see mentioned: the non-major eight
at Ellesmere, the non-major six at Elmley Castle and the five in my old
> village of Everdon which are about a cross between major and minor.
> C D

Ellesmere were certainly out of tune when I visited in 1982; from memory the
2nd was flat and the 5th was sharp, but should they be listed as non-major?

I visited Elmley Castle in 1986 and noted they were out of tune,
particularly the flat treble. Again, are they really non-major?

Were Everdon tuned when they were recently rehung?

Does anyone know if Isleham or Pembroke are non-major?


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